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Who We Are

We don’t sell cameras, we provide solutions.


MTS Intelligent Security Solutions

MTS offers comprehensive services to support our security solutions. We focus on understanding threats and vulnerabilities, understanding an organization’s abilities – and inabilities to operate systems, and recognize the need for any system to support the business model of an organization. We also know installing a system is the easy part. Understanding the true security needs of an organization, their ability to operate a system and the ability to maintain the system is the hard part. Our services focus on the complete solution.


Why choose us

The security appliances that we select for our solutions are leading edge, feature-rich, and capable of being optimized for every installation and client situation. Most installers leave these appliances at their default settings and hope for the best.

MTS believes the real integration customization begins once the installation is complete. We strive to understand our clients’ needs, organizational capabilities (and limitations), and optimize our solutions accordingly. We make our solutions both usable and optimized.

In addition to system optimization for performance, we optimize the system interface to match the operator’s unique job requirements such that the solution is more usable. Usability is what sets MTS aside from our competitors. We continuously work with our clients to make iterative changes to the solution such that it achieves maximum usability based on our client’s unique needs.


Leverage the complete set of features of our solution products (e.g., cameras)

Infrastructure optimization, such as encoding and compression enhancements that impact the network and computing environment

Our solutions are designed for maintainability - leveraging systems management best practices that increase overall system availability.

FAQs About MTS Solutions

Should I use NVR or VMS?

A network video recorder is typically a proprietary complete solution – computer and software, and is also typically channel limited or not expandable.  They tend to work well with the cameras from the same manufacture, but not well with others and also tend to be limited on features.  Video Management Software (VMS) is software only and runs on Windows or Linux-based computers and can be scaled to any size system.  VMS solutions typically are feature-rich with options for additional features and analytics.

Is camera selection important?

Yes.  Many cameras look great in daylight but may perform poorly in low light situations.  Some cameras handle complex exposure conditions better than others, as well as other critical settings for lighting.  Cameras vary in quality relative to how long they last before failure, how well they stand up to environmental conditions including salt and sand erosion, and how well they interface with VMS and NVR solutions.

How far back can I view my cameras' archive based on my storage?

Archive storage is a function of resolution, scene complexity, encoding, and the amount of motion in a scene. NVR storage tends to be limited whereas VMS storage is virtually unlimited, as long as you’re willing to buy larger storage solutions. Having the ability to customize and mask out motion areas that are not critical to the viewing scene helps optimize storage so you are not recording on flags waving, cars passing by distant roadways, etc. The amount of days archive is a user-driven choice and should be customized in the design up front.

What are options to view cameras remotely?

There are typically options to view your camera system via
– A smartphone app
– A browser on a computer (or smartphone)
– The client software supported through a VPN or other similar connection
Browsers are convenient but typically do not perform well for video decompression.  Smartphone apps are also convenient but obviously offer a smaller view and aren’t recommended for serious system viewing. Whenever possible, full featured client software should be used along with a remote connection technique to have more features and capabilities available to the user.

How can I be alerted of intrusions?

Most surveillance systems are capable of sending notifications on alarms. The reliability and accuracy of the alarms is what makes those notifications useful. Most systems can alarm on motion detection.  Although that can be sufficient in many cases, we typically look deeper at alarming conditions to make the system more intelligent and therefore more useful.   Analytics such as zone cross detection, face recognition, license plate recognition, as well as motion detection are some of the analytics we use to help notify our customers when intrusion is detected.  Notifications can be email, sms (text), audible alarms, and visual alarms.

Can I limit the features or usability of the system for specific users?

User rights customization is a key feature of having your security system capable of supporting a wide range of users – some of whom may have greater need or authority than others.  One size does not fit all and we believe creating custom user rights with what a user can see, when they can see it, and what they can do with the archive evidence are all examples of areas that should be considered for customization.

I have an existing system but wasn't trained how to use it/it's obsolete. Can you help?

This technology is rapidly moving and advancing.  Typically, older systems are not worth modernizing if they were left unmaintained, however, sometimes particular components, such as cameras, can be brought into new systems until they become obsolete or can be replaced.  We help evaluate your current investment and understand your security needs to identify which components can be incorporated into a new system

Will my image from my cameras be visible at night?

Installing a surveillance system that does not perform well in low light conditions is almost always a waste of money.  Surveillance systems need to perform under all lighting conditions including darkness, extreme changes in light, fog, bright sunlight, etc. Our solutions take into account all possible lighting conditions and camera selection as well as feature configurations are made accordingly.

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