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Video Surveillance

MTS understands the full scope of video surveillance,
and designs solutions that accommodate that breadth.


Video Surveillance

MTS approaches digital video surveillance like any other security solution – from a policy perspective.  We emphasize developing and institutionalizing a security policy that defines the threats and vulnerabilities and evaluates the organization that will use the solution before any system design is made.  This ensures our solutions meet the needs of the organization and can properly be used by the individuals within the organization.

We take into account any current investments in security technology to identify re-use and transition paths to a new system.  MTS designs and delivers professional video surveillance systems – software based systems that operate on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware.  Software-based solutions avoid proprietary hardware and corresponding costs and embrace open systems and industry standards. We select the right camera, the right networking components, the right computing components, storage, etc., based on needs and current architecture. By embracing current-technology IT components, we can leverage decades of systems management processes and technology, ensuring extremely high availability.

MTS understands the full scope of a video surveillance solution and designs solutions that accommodate that breadth.

What makes MTS unique in our field is our monitoring of our systems – we actively poll and monitor our systems’ health to ensure they are operational and functioning properly, taking advantage of SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol – technology. 

We typically are alerted of issues long before they become catastrophic issues that can result in downtime.  And we typically remediate any problems before our customers are even aware of them.

Finally, because we design with software-based video management systems, commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and open standards, we future-proof your solution so that you can introduce evolving technology as it becomes available and feasible, keeping your systems on pace with current technology.

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