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Industry Solutions

We tailor solutions to meet the unique challenges of a variety of industries.

K-12 & Higher Education Solution

Security for our schools has evolved from what was once a nice-to-have to what is now a mission critical capability that provides for the safety and security of our children and educators.  MTS has developed a series of solutions focused on the K-12 community. Our solutions include:

  • Intelligent Video Surveillance
  • Facility Access Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Vape and substance detection
  • Comprehensive Situational Awareness with lockdown and law enforcement integration
  • Video Analytics for greater situational awareness
  • Gunshot detection
  • Face Detection to alert on known criminals, restraining orders, and pedophiles
  • License Plate Recognition for student pickup and restraining order blacklists

Healthcare & Housing Communities Solution

MTS has developed specific solutions for both assisted living and over fifty-five active adult communities.  Solutions that protect both residents and facilitators with focus on healthcare and protection against the vulnerabilities these communities face.  Our solutions include:

  • Intelligent Video Surveillance
  • Facility Access Control
  • Visitor Management
  • License Plate Recognition (both white lists and black lists)
  • Face Detection to alert on known criminals and restraining orders

Law Enforcement & Government Solution

MTS works hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies throughout the region. We understand police facility surveillance needs and our solutions reflect that understanding. The need for seamless surveillance of suspects from sally port arrival, through processing, while in holding and adhering to department of correction requirements for surveillance, through final out-processing for release and/or transport. Our law enforcement design includes protection for court personnel and monitoring of courtroom activities per the Association of Courts (AOC) guidelines. Our solutions also include safe community solutions that not only surveil and manage the security of police facilities, but include police surveillance of other key facilities through municipalities, including schools. Our solutions acknowledge the need for a flawless provision of evidence and our solutions can include the Assureon Active Data Vault archive storage system for regulatory compliance for the provision of evidence. We recognize police are not digital media management professionals – they are law enforcement professionals. Our solutions make it easier for them to do their job and still have the video evidence needed – and maintained – to aid in their day to day duties as a law enforcement professional. Our solutions include:

  • Detailed surveillance for holding cells, sally port transfers, processing, DUI walks, dispatch desk operations, and fleet surveillance
  • Interview room surveillance
  • License plate recognition for key choke points throughout the municipality
  • Facial Recognition for courtroom egress areas
  • Courtroom surveillance and personnel protection per AOC guidelines
  • Covert surveillance setups for temporary and sting operations
  • Facility access control


Property Management Companies Solution

MTS understands the challenges for property managers in maintaining a safe and secure facility for tenants while being mindful of managing common area costs. Our experience including enclosed and open shopping malls gives us insight into facility operations. Our surveillance solutions support both safety and security, while providing a mechanism for property managers to help maintain and operate the facilities. Managers with multiple properties can save money by being able to do virtual property inspections, oversee employee operations remotely, and keep tabs on outsourced services such as snow and waste removal, landscaping, and construction – all remotely from a single location. Our solution includes:

  • Classical perimeter and wide area surveillance
  • Egress point surveillance, including license plate recognition analytics
  • Surveillance of high concern areas such as dumpster/disposal areas, parking, delivery and receiving areas, and facility operations
  • Shared surveillance with local law enforcement
  • Face recognition and comparison to known offender database for enhanced safety


Retail & Business Sector Solution

Our retail solutions balance classical safety and security with business and retail operations. Our classical surveillance supports safety of both business owner and patron. Surveillance to deter and prevent against false claims of liability are critical components of our solutions. Our solutions include surveillance to aid with loss protection as well as business analytics to help with contributing to the business value. Our solutions provide:

  • Protection against false liability claims of slip and fall
  • Assistance with loss prevention
  • Monitoring of employee performance
  • Business analytics including people counting, heat mapping, line queue management.
  • Point of Sale (POS) integration
  • Facility access control


Industrial Organizations Solution

The MTS solution for industrial facilities encompasses a wide variety of requirements. Multi-tenant facilities require wide area surveillance, egress surveillance, and monitoring of operations. Manufacturing facilities may have specific needs such as the application of thermal imaging to help detect machine wear (due to high temperature friction) early enough such that preventative or scheduled maintenance can be performed prior to extensive damage. Our warehouse surveillance solutions include ruggedized implementations to protect cameras from equipment such as forklifts and cranes. Our solutions include:

  • Wide area and egress surveillance
  • Access control gates and doors
  • Thermal cameras for monitoring of machinery and electrical circuits
  • Vehicle surveillance for regulatory and safety requirements, including container and cargo recognition
  • Hard Hat detection analytics

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