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Case Studies

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Short Hills

The Mall At Short Hills

   When The Mall At Short Hills (TMASH) sought a video surveillance solution to cover the 1.5 Million square foot upscale shopping center, MTS responded with a design and solution to provide a state of the art surveillance system within a fixed budget. With only a small analog DVR system in place, MTS created an architecture and laid out a mall-wide gigabit network infrastructure and systematically installed megapixel cameras throughout the two levels of the shopping center, the maintenance corridors, the operations level, and site property including parking decks.

   The challenges included the maturity of the technology of the time of design, the interoperability between the various technologies, the lack of true applicable standards, and the size of the mall and the need for a significantly high percentage coverage model. The other challenges included the sheer magnitude of the digital media that had to be captured, transported, aggregated, stored, and displayed. They presently write over 1 TByte of video per day!


The Solution:

Over 240 Cameras, 100% Megapixel with H.265 encoding

200 TBytes of RAID6 Network Attached Storage and 200 TBytes of RAID5e internal server storage

300 Gbps of network switching

Four (4) Dell Servers with 80 processor cores, supporting the ISS Securos VMS platform

License Plate Recognition (LPR) on all vehicles entering the high security service areas

Created a monitoring and response center for real-time monitoring, forensics, and evidence production

Browser and smartphone based remote access

Full remote management of the system include SNMP on all appliances and VMS application


The Benefits:

By creating a future-proof architecture first, the system at Short Hills Mall has remained state-of-the-art for over ten years

TMASH has been able to provide evidence on request to the local police to prosecute criminal activity

TMASH has been able to successful defend false claims of liability through high resolution video evidence

The mall surveillance system serves as a design blueprint for their other corporate properties

Operating such a large facility presents opportunities for incidents of all kinds; the video surveillance solution in place at The Mall At Short Hills provides for evidence and incident resolution on a regular basis


Stonebridge At Montgomery

   When Stonebridge of Montgomery, a Springpoint managed facility approached MTS to design and build a surveillance system for their facility in Skillman, New Jersey, MTS recognized the importance of what a surveillance system would be to the operations of their facility. Faced with the challenges of running an over 55 private facility that included a skilled nursing facility for dementia patients, assisted living facilities, various style residencies, common area facilities and amenities, and a vast footprint that includes a golf course, MTS began by addressing the threats and vulnerabilities to the residents and patients, the employees, and the facility itself.

   There were several non-operational existing surveillance systems in place that were assessed to understand their value to the final solution.


The Solution:

Approximately 180 IP megapixel cameras, both interior and exterior, that provide common area coverage, egress coverage, and critical area coverage.

A substantial percentage of the existing IP camera infrastructure was re-used saving significant funding.

System programming to easily identify where any active personnel are at various schedule points

A license plate recognition system in place at the entrance to the facility to provide an inventory of egress and capability to detect and alert known blacklisted vehicles

Remote browser and smartphone-based, full feature access


The Benefits:

Stonebridge received a high quality system with extremely high system availability

The ability to manage flight-risk incidents with full egress coverage

A level of re-assurance was provided to both residents and staff

The ability to assist with managing staff operations

East Brunswick

East Brunswick New Jersey School District

   The East Brunswick, New Jersey, school district is one of the top educational school districts in the country. Consistent with their educational merits, they have the vision of a district-wide security system throughout the schools and district facilities. With disjointed, inoperative, and ineffective systems, East Brunswick Schools turned to MTS to develop a district security policy and implement a district-wide consistent, effective, and maintainable security system.

After assessing the installation, MTS made recommendations as to how to make the system operational, reliable, useable, and effective. After restoring faith in their original investments, the district asked MTS to design and install additional schools and more comprehensive solutions.

   Critical to success was the development of a Security Policy first, and then the design and implementation of security technology solutions. Our emphasis on the policy resonated with the district and has yielded a highly effective and usable security solution. Additionally, our ability to work hand-in-hand with the district’s IT department ensured our solutions are consistent with IT policies and technologies.


The Solution:

District-wide, SecurOS digital surveillance system in all eleven schools, the Administration building and the Support Operations center. Currently, over 1200 IP cameras comprise the enterprise video surveillance solution

Combinations of analog and IP cameras – all IP are H.264 or MxPEG encoded planning to convert to 100% IP

Remote access for police and school personnel

District-wide Facility Access Control System (FACS), utilizing ISONAS IP-based edge access control (completion this year)

District-wide Visitor Management system , utilizing LobbyGuard Visitor Management

Remote monitoring, management, and maintenance by MTS via remote VPN connections

Analytics implemented and/or being piloted include virtual line cross, gunshot detection, face recognition, and motion-only emergency monitors

Emergency situational awareness components with integration between surveillance, access control, 911 inform, and lockdown/panic system.

Each facility has a Commend SIP-bgased intercom system to manage egress to the main doors, integrated with the DNA Fusion Access Control System and Video Management System


The Benefits:

By first developing a security policy, the technologies implemented are consistent school to school, are centrally managed, and centrally maintained.

The layers of technology (surveillance, FACS, VMS, etc.) work together to increase the ability to mitigate the threats and vulnerabilities the district faces.

A balance was struck between highly secure solutions and easy to use solutions, further increasing the ability for the systems to mitigate threats.


Sea Isle City Safe Community

   The City of Sea Isle City first approached MTS with the need to design and install digital video surveillance at the City’s police HQ and Court facility. MTS responded with a classical surveillance covering critical police and court areas, inside and outside

With a better understanding of the value of digital surveillance from the original installation, the City chose to grow the system to cover key areas around the community including the recreation facility, beach tag office, key areas of the boardwalk, Public Works, and City Hall. Being an island along the Jersey Shore, the only way on or off was via bridges. MTS designed and installed a License Plate Recognition System on the main bridge that represented 90 % of the traffic on and off the island. The recognition system would process the video and cross check it to State and National criminal and motor vehicle databases. Positive matches alert the dispatcher via an audible voice and a snapshot of the vehicle appears on a separate screen

   In 2012 when Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the Jersey Shore, the City of Sea Isle City was not spared. With several feet of water engulfing the entire island at low tide, the evacuated citizens returned to a storm battered community. The Police Station and City Hall were severely impacted and were relocated to temporary facilities. MTS was tapped again to relocate surveillance from the police station and city hall to the temporary facility, restore the bridge LPR system and select components of the community wide surveillance. Much of the existing system, including most of the cameras, was salvaged, cleaned-up, tested, and re-installed in the temporary headquarters allowing MTS to restore critical components of the system within a week at a low cost.


The Solution:

LPR with comparison to State and National databases

Several point to multipoint 5.2 GHz RF systems

Entire system remotely monitored, managed, and maintained by MTS via secure VPN links


The Benefits:

The high quality surveillance solution acts as a force multiplier for the Sea Isle City police department by permitting virtual patrols in key higher crime areas

Hackensack Meridian Health


When the COVID-19 pandemic crippled the world, Hackensack Meridian Health hospitals were engaged at the front lines of the battle.  Hackensack Meridian had a need for rapid fever screening for their fourteen hospitals.  MTS developed the mobile temperature screening station and were able to rapidly deploy these stations to all hospital locations during the height of the pandemic.  Our station integrated into Hackensack Meridian’s infrastructure and personnel were quickly trained and were screening patients just hours after deployment. The fully integrated mobile station allowed MTS to get these screening stations up and running and usable very quickly.  The station consists of a Thermal camera with radiometry via a microbolometer.  No reference heat source was required.

The station included:

  • Micro tower computer loaded with MX Management Center
  • Managed switch
  • Mobotix M16 TR thermographic radiometric camera
  • LED monitor 
  • UPS unit.

The Solution:

Microbolometer solution does not require a reference heat source.

Self-contained mobile station requires no additional infrastructure.

A variety of alarm methods for both overt and covert alerting.

Can be integrated with face recognition and mask detection for greater resource management.


The Benefits:

Rapid deployed self-contained station.

Large group screening from over 10 ft away.

Instant results with less than 1 second measurement.

Accuracy of less than 0.5 degree F.

Reassurance for staff, patients and visitors.

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